Namobuddha Day Tour and Namobuddha Balthali Day Hike: A guide and major highlights of the area around

Everybody knows what Namobuddha represents. It is a spiritual center, a Buddhist retreat and pilgrimage site perched on a hill above Dhulikhel, the eastern hill ridge of the Kathmandu valley. It takes about 1.5 hours drive by private car/jeep to reach there.

Namobuddha Monastery is one of the most significant Tibetan Buddhist Sites in Nepal. The name Namobuddha means "Hail to the Buddha". The huge structure of the monastery, peaceful environment, Stupa and the serene setting of nature along with the fluttering prayer flags around the monastery and the woods are so amazing to see and experience.



Story of a King as an incarnation of Lord Buddha

Once there was a king called Mahasattva. He had three sons. One day, three sons were coming through the forest. They saw a tigress with her five newly born cubs. She was so weak and hungry that she could hardly move. Then they went from there. Later, one prince came back to the tigress and started to feed his flesh to her by chopping. When his brothers came there, they found only bones and hairs. So the stupa has been built over the bones and hairs of the prince, who sacrificed his life to save the tigress and her cubs.





Are you interested in walking/hiking? Namobuddha Balthali Hike is a world class day trip or it can be also extended to two days. Driving to Namobuddha and visiting this sacred site, the hike begins through the scattered ethnic settlements and orange farms. A four and half hour hiking to the Balthali village offers you a wonderful memory. Balthali village is a wonderful combination of nature and culture. The impressive village is surrounded by the lush hills and the adoring landscape. The farming around the village increase the charm of picturesque village.



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