Namobuddha Day Tour and Hike with a Storytelling Guide

Located at the 40 km southeast of the Kathmandu Valley, Namobuddha Monastery has been marked as a significant monastery in Tibetan Buddhism. The Stupa of the monastery is built on the bones and hair of prince Mahasattva.


The Story Behind the Stupa

Once there was a king called Mahasattva. He had three sons. One day, three sons were coming through the forest. They saw a tigress with her five newly born cubs. She was so weak and hungry that she could hardly move. Then they went from there. Later, one prince came back to the tigress and started to feed his flesh to her by chopping. When his brothers came there, they found only bones and hairs. So the stupa has been built over the bones and hairs of the prince, who sacrificed his life to save the tigress and her cubs.


Stupa in Namobuddha, which is built on the bones and hairs of the prince. (Please, do not forget to pay your homage here)



Fire and lights for peace and prosperity


Images of mother tiger and her cubs along with the prince who dismembered his flesh and fed them to the mother tiger and her newly borned cubs.



The story about prince and tiger family


Namobuddha Tour and Day Hike

Nepal Kameleon Holidays operates Namobuddha Tour every day by car/jeep/bus based on the size of the group. The departure takes place at 9 am from Thamel. If you want to hike to Namobuddha Monastery and Stups, the first section is the driving itself. Then we hike to the Monastery and Stupa, explore around, hike around the hillside and back to Kathmandu by driving.


How Can I book Namobuddha Day Tour or Hike?

Well. Nepal Kameleon Holidays have an easy system. You can book by WhatsApp: +977-9851159455 (you can also make a call if you do not have WhatsApp) or Email: [email protected]


A Buddhist devotee paying her homage in Namobuddha


Can I Extend the Hike?

Of Course. You have to let us know earlier. You can connect the route with 5 days hiking from Kathmandu. The route is also known as Nagarkot Namobuddha Balthali Hike. The Hike ends at khopasi via balthali village and drive back to Kathmandu.  


How much is the Cost for Namobuddha Day Tour or Hike?

Well, it depends on the group size and service. More people, the cost per person will be cheaper. Please, let us know your group size and we will give you the cost details.


Around the Hillside of Namobuddha


Is Mountain Bike Tour Possible to Namobuddha?

Why not? Please let us know about your group size and we will offer you the Mountain Bike Tour to Namobuddha. 

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