Namobuddha Balthali (Day) Hike in Budget/Cheap Cost with a Storytelling Guide

Namaste dear travelers in Nepal.  Namobuddha Balthali Day Hike is an amazing day excursion around Kathmandu valley that leads you to some of the incredible impressions. This hike is a beautiful combination of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, nature and the Hindu culture. The  two highlighting destinations-the Namobuddha Monastery and the Balthali Village make your hike exclusively outstanding.


Namobuddha Monastery

Located at the 40 km southeast of the Kathmandu Valley, Namobuddha Monastery has been marked as a significant monastery in Tibetan Buddhism. The Stupa of the monastery is built on the bones and hair of prince Mahasattva.





 The Story Behind the Stupa



Once there was a king called Mahasattva. He had three sons. One day, three sons were coming through the forest. They saw a tigress with her five newly born cubs. She was so weak and hungry that she could hardly move. Then they went from there. Later, one prince came back to the tigress and started to feed his flesh to her by chopping. When his brothers came there, they found only bones and hairs. So the stupa has been built over the bones and hairs of the prince, who sacrificed his life to save the tigress and her cubs.





 Balthali Village

Balthali is a picturesque village, located at the incredible flat land. You will forget that you are in the mountain region as the landscape is very flat.  But, it is surrounded by the hills from all directions. You will see the scattered local houses, meet local people and walk around. If you have one day more, the side trip will be awesome. Namobuddha Balthali Hike





Loved to see all the details. Trust us, this is really an amazing day trip. For more info or to book the Namobuddha Balthali Day Hike, feel free to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays via:

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