Nagarkot Day Hike Booking: A Complete Guide to Hiking, Cost, Itinerary and Best Time

For hiking enthusiasts around the globe, who travel Nepal, Nagarkot Hiking will be an amazing hiking package around Kathmandu. The trip is based on your interest that can be done in 1 day, 2 days or 3 days. For the family group with kids/children, hike to Nagarkot is just an incredible trip with picnic. The sloppy meadows around this trail is just a fabulous picnic spot.



Walking through the peaceful trail, you can hang out from the noisy city with 1 day Nagarkot hiking. This is a gentle hike, which is highly suitable for the family hiking in Kathmandu. Driving about one hour from Kathmandu to the hsitorical UNESCO listed site- Changu Narayan Temple, the hike embarks through the ethnic communities. The trail is gentle and exclusively mesmerizing.


Nagarkot Family Day Hiking Avoiding Motor Road is an incredible trip highly suitable for the gentle hikers, who love to explore the beauties around the valley, Himalayas and eye catching landscape. Nagarkot hike through new route is an opportunity for you to entertain your exclusive time during your holiday in Nepal and offer special time with a day hike for your family. You will get amazing day hiking experience, explore the scenic beauties of the Kathmandu valley downwards and the picturesque sloppy hills for the rest, family picnic, photosession and storytelling.





Best Time/Seasons for the Nagarkot Hiking

Nagarkot Hiking can be done throughout the year in Nepal. It is located at the lower altitude. The highest altitude is about 2000 meters. So, you can enjoy Nagarkot hike all the year.


Best Attractions

  • Local ethnic communities
  • Amazing terrace hillside with dense woods
  • Incredible white Himalayan views
  • Scattered villages
  • Gentle trail
  • Sunrise and Sunset view



Car/Bus/Jeep/Hiace based on group size









For booking:

WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

Email: [email protected]

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