Naga Panchami: Worshipping Naga (Serpant) to be Safe from Fire, Thunder and Snake

Every year, in the Suklapachhya of Shrawan month (August), Naga Panchami is celebrated by attaching the Naga image on the main entrance of the house. This year it has been celebrated on the 16th of August. It is believed that if you worship Naga image, you will be freed from the turbulence of snake and other venomous insects along with thundering.


Worshipping of Naga had begun in the ancient period, from the God reign. Naga is the king of serpents. It is believed that if Naga becomes angry, there will not be raining, so the worshipping is done to please it. People believe that there will be Naga in the base of the house and if it gets angry, the house will be collapsed. So, this Naga worshipping celebration has been continued.


Naga is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Shiva and Visnu. Lord Shiva always takes Naga on his neck and Lord Visnu sleeps over the Naga's bed. The economic condition gets improved by worshipping Naga.


There is a fable about the beginning of worshipping Naga as a God. Once, a farmer found the baby serpents while ploughing the field. He kills them right there. When the mother serpent came, she saw all her babies were killed. Then she killed the farmer and not only that she went to the farmer's home and killed his family. One of the farmer's daughters was outside at that time, so she survived. But the angry serpent searched the daughter to kill. Knowing the fact, the daughter of the farmer tried to please it by saying that she will worship Naga every year and also feeds her milk. Being pleased, the serpent asked what she wish. The daughter asked to make her family alive, the serpent made them.


Since then, he worshipping to Naga begun according to the myth.


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