Mass Celebration of Dashain and Tihar Festival 2020 (2077) in Nepal to be Prohibited Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

While all other genres of the society are being halted and prohibited, so does the culture and festival side. Since the wave of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was seen in Nepal, all the festivals and celebrations that are celebrated with a mass gathering have been prohibited. They are being limited within the families and inside the house. Janai Purnima, Teej festival, Jitiya Parva, Indra Jatra, and other festivals and celebrations are limited. All the mass celebration events had been canceled. So, what's about the Dashain and Tihar festival celebration of 2020 (2077 Nepali date)?

12 Major Festivals of Nepal




Of course, there will be no mass gathering, traveling, and visiting the relatives from one place to another in the Dashain and Tihar festivals. People can celebrate the festivals staying inside the house, cooking, eating, and enjoying the previous Teej festival celebration. Because, the travel permission will let people visit their relatives, and this increase the spreading of Coronavirus in the communities.

The death toll has reached almost 300 in numbers in Nepal and almost 50000 infected numbers. The government of Nepal had done lockdown in two different phases and still following travel prohibition policies. It is important to do so to block the spread of coronavirus in the communities.




This year, people will remain inside and they will be getting blessings from video chat and messengers if they are not with their family. This will be totally a new practice in the history, but there is no way out, says B. Khatiwada, a tourism entrepreneur of Kathmandu, Nepal. He adds, this year, there is no difference between the relatives that are inside Nepal or outside, as not a single party can join their families in the countryside for the festival. But, this is good to control the spread of COVID-19.

Mr. Khatiwada is waiting for the normal days and starting of the tourism business soon. Due to the virus, the economy, jobs, and movement of people have gone crazy and fully chaotic. The celebration of the major festivals with your family and loved ones is a dream now.




Dashain and Tihar Festival Dates-2020

Dashain October 17-30 (Main day-Bijaya Dashami on the 26th)

People visit their relatives and get blessings from the relatives and elders along taking Tika and Jamara.

Tihar November 13-16 (Main day- Bhai Tika on the 16th)

Brothers and sisters meet and exchange their happiness with tika and garlands along presents.

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