Major Festivals Dates in Nepal in 2076 (2019-2020)

Are you curious about the festivals in Nepal when they are going to take place? We have enlisted some of the major festivals that are celebrated in Nepal and their dates. Also, we have described about the public holidays and some of the festivals are only focused in some of the regions. For example: in Indra Jatra, only in the Kathmandu valley, the holiday is given. Find our more:

August 15 (Shrawan 30) – Janaipurnima

October 5-9 (Ashoj 18-22) - Dashain Holiday

October 27-29 (Kartik 10-12) – Tihar Holiday

Feb 21 2020 (Falgun 09) – Shivaratri Festival

March 09 (Falgun 26) – Happy Holi in Hilly Regions

March 10 (Falgun 27) – Happy Holi in the Terai Regions

August 16 (Shrawan 31)- Gai Jatra (leave only in the Kathmandu valley)

September 02 (Bhadra 16) – Leave for Women in Teej Festival

September 13 (Bhadra 27) – Indra Jatra (leave only in the Kathmandu valley)

December 31 (Push 15) - Happy Lhosar (only for Gurung Community)

January 15 (Magh 01) - Maghe Sakranti (only for Magar, Chhantyal, Tharu)

January 25 (Magh 11) - Sonam Lhosar (Only for Tamangs)

Feb 24 (Falgun 12) - Gyalpo Losar

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