Maha Shivaratri Festival in Nepal (Kathmandu) Date: Public Holiday, Hindu Festival, Sadhu and Worshipping Lord Shiva

Mahashivaratri is a widely celebrated festival, which falls around February-March, dedicated to the birthday of Lord Shiva. Though there are some myths of Marijuana, the festival is basically celebrated by the women worshipping Lord Shiva by fasting. They dance and enjoy visiting the holy sites. Pashupatinath is the temple, where the Shivaratri festival is excitingly celebrated. Sadhus from different parts of Nepal and India come to pay their homage.



Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the world's most visited Hindu pilgrimage destinations. It is located beside the Holy Bagmati River, Kathmandu. This temple is a real epitome of Hindu culture, civilization and spiritualism if the Hindu devotees. The main temple of Pashupatinath has got a golden pyramid shaped top with four silver doors. The dead body burning culture has become a mysterical thing to see for the tourists around the globe. The erotic wooden carvings around the temples are equally impressive.









Is Marijuana Legal in Nepal During Shivaratri Festival? Assumption Vs Reality

Of course not. Smoking marijuana is banned in Nepal. Many people are demanding to open it in a limited way, but it has not been done yet. Generally people assume that smoking marijuana is legal in Shivaratri, which is not true. Many Sadhus from Nepal and India stay in the Pashupatinath temple premises and sell marijuana, but in an illegal way. So, it is illegal.



Smoking Marijuana has got its mythical connection. It is believed that when Lord Mahadev (another form of Lord Shiva) lost his wife, he became restless and due to his psychic behavior he started to take marijuana and other things. So, devotees believe that they are allowed to smoke marijuana in Shivaratri festival, which is not legal.


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