Maghi Festival (Mahotsav) 2075 (2019) to be Held in Kathmandu

Tharu Charity Assembly (Tharu Kalyankarini Sabha-THAKAS) is going to be organized in Tundikhel, Kathmandu.

Know About Tharu People and Maghi Festival

Maghi Festival is the New Year celebration of the Tharu people, who is one of the indigenous group of Nepal. Tharu people are the local residents in the lowland region of Nepal, known as Terai and Madesh. They are widely renowned  for  their traditional way of life, their unique dresses and ornaments, culture, dance, foods and hospitality. They are the brave people who fought against malaria in Chitwan and other lowland region when a massive number of people fleed to the hilly regions.


In Kathmandu

Tharu communities who are living in Kathmandu, are celebrating Maghi festival since 2059 (2003 A.D.) According to THAKAS, more than a hundred thousand Tharu people live in Kathmandu. In the festival, Tharu handicraft, cultural Jhanki performance, dance, food items, traditional customs and the display of the newspapers and book related to Tharu communities will be displayed at the festival. The objective of the festival is to promote Tharu culture and festivals to the global sphere.  


Date of Maghi Festival in Kathmandu

Poush 30 and Magh 01 (January 14 and 15, 2019)

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