Lumbini in Top 10 Must Visit Destination in Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the most trusty guidebook and travel website company in the world, has included Lumbini in must-visit top 10 destinations in Asia.

This list has been created for the visit till July, 2019. Busan in South Korea got 1st listed destination and the Lumbini is in 7th best destination. The list has been disclosed, based upon the writers of the Loney Planet, Travel experts and the reviews received from millions of travelers.



This has been taken as a wonderful news for the tourism entrepreneurs to promote the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020. According to Nepal Tourism Board, this will make a positive effect in international market. NTB will cooperate with Lonely Planet in regard of promoting major tourist destinations in Nepal. It will be easy to let the world know that Nepal is safe and an evergreen destination in the world.


'We are so excited to know the list of Lonely Planet with Lumbini in the top 7th destination in Asia', says Bhanu Bhakta Khatiwada, executive director of Nepal Kameleon Holidays said. He adds, Lumbini is a world's one of the most popular tourist destinations, equally for the pilgrimage trips and this list will help to promote this amazing destination in the world. The sacred birthplace of Lord Buddha is truly a destination that you must visit.



Along with this, Uzwekistan in Second, Ho Chi Min City of Vietnam in 3rd, Paschimi ghat of India in 4th, Nagasaki in Japan in 5th, Chi Yang Mai of Thailand in 6th, Arugam Bay of Sri Lanka in 8th, Sichuan of China in 9th and Komodo National Park of Indonesia in 10th destination in the list.





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