Lomanthang: Fact About the Wall and Upper Mustang Trekking Information Guide Cost and Itinerary 2019-2020

Lomanthang is the capital of the Upper Mustang region. It is an iconic destination for the Tibetan Buddhist culture lovers around the world. It is located in the North West Nepal, near the Tibetan border of Korola, in the restricted zone of Nepal. Due to the arid landscape, seasonal vegetation and sandy cliffs, Lomanthang mark its brand with the cultural heritages as Gumba (Monastery), Chhortens, Mani Walls and the spiritual setting in the rural part of Nepal.


The credit of the establishment of Lomanthang goes to the King Amadpal. He built the  surrounding wall of Lomanthang in the 15th century along with the four storied building. The Jhyampa Monastery, built in 1447 A.D. is the oldest monastery in Lomanthang, built by Amgon Bzyang, son of Amadpal. Other significant monasteries in Lomanthang are Thubchen, Chhoedye Monastery, which is a school of monks now. The monks perform in the world renowned Tiji festival in Upper Mustang Lomanthang.


The beautiful wall of Lomanthang was built in 1440 A.D. by Amadpal. It has been stretched to 1.5 meters at the base, with the height of 8.55 meters. The wall served as a protection fortress to save the inhabitants in the Lomanthang. The red painted  monasteries, white palace, chhortens and mani walls.


The best way to discover the mysterious Lomanthang, the stone walled town of Upper Mustang is a trek. It is a restricted region, so a special entry permit is needed. If you want to trek during the Tiji festival time, you can enjoy the Tiji Festival Trek. please, feel free to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays for booking Upper Mustang Lomanthang Trek in 2019-2020-2021.


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