Location and Booking Info of Ghyampe Danda (Ranikot) Zipline above Bhaktapur

Looking for adventure activities around the Kathmandu valley that can be done in a single day? Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot are impressive destinations for family tours, adventure activities, and hiking. Short Zipline, Long Zipline, Sky Cycling, Canopy Cycling, Swing (Booking via WhatsApp/Phone: +977 9851159455), and other activities are available to quench the adventure thirst.

  • Please, do not forget to confirm your booking by calling us before you go. Book now and pay at the station.

- Long Zipline (1.2 km)

- Short Zipline (450 mtrs)

- Sky Cycling (350 mtrs)

- Canopy Cycling (350 mtrs)



                         Image: Sky Cycling Yoyo Zipline- Ghyampe Danda



Where are Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot?

Ghyampe danda is an alluring tourist destination and also a picnic spot. It is located above Bhaktapur at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. It takes about 45 minutes to drive there from Kathmandu via Bhaktapur. There is a famous point, known as Pilot Baba Aashram. The impressive Kathmandu valley view can be explored from Ghyampe Danda. Zipline and sky cycling activities increase the charm for the travelers. 



Ghyampe Danda Zipline Spot

Ranikot is a step further on the uphill, which is located around 2700 meters. If you love to enjoy a day hiking to Ranikot, it will be an excellent plan to set out with your loved ones. The hiking is easy and sweet, which is about 4 hours round trip, starting from Suryabinayak Temple. You can drive directly to Ranikot too, but hiking is something really special.

Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot have become exceptional destinations for domestic travelers who prefer to enjoy zipline and adventure activities that make the day with family exclusively amazing.


couple-zipline-bhaktapurZipline Ghyampe Danda-Ranikot

Transportation Facility

There is no direct transportation from Kathmandu to Ghyampe Danda or Ranikot. If you have private transportation, you can take it there. If you don’t have any of them but looking forward to booking car/jeep, contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays and we organize the trip with transportation.

Phone/WhatsApp/Viber: +977 9851159455

Email: [email protected]

Photo/Video: extra rs. 500.



Weight limitation

Normal Zipline

1.2km. & 450m.

rs. 3000 (long) rs.1500 (short)

Below 80 kg

Superman Fly

1.2km. & 450m.

rs.3500 (long)

Below 65 kg

Couple Zipline

1.2km. & 450m.

rs.4000 (long)

Below 125 kg

Sky Cycling

350 meters

rs.1500 (one way) rs.2000 (both way)

Below 80 kg

Canopy Cycling

350 meters

rs.1800 (one way) rs.2500 (both way)

Below 85 kg

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