Langtang Valley, Gosaikunda Lake and Helambu Trek in visit Nepal 2020

Langtang Valley, Gosaikunda Lake and the Helambu Valley are the most striking destinations in the Langtang region that trekkers prefer to go and enjoy their trekking vacation in Nepal. You may love to know why these destinations are selected for the trek in Visit Nepal Year 2020. Nepal Kameleon Holidays try to answer your queries


1. Multiple Trekking Options

Langtang region is also known as a trekkers' paradise. You have multiple options to select the route. For example, if you love to do a week trek in Langtang, that's Langtang Valley Trekking. If you would love to do about 10 days trek, you can add Langtang valley with Gosaikunda Lake. If you love to do the adventure trekking, then cross the Lauribina Pass to Helambu (4610 meters). If you love the cultural route, you can enjoy Helambu trekking.


On the Way to Langtang Valley


Views- Kyanjin and the Himalayas


All the destinations can be done individually or in a combine form.


2. Ethnic Culture and Hospitality

Langtang region is dotted by the Tamang ethnic habitations. Tamang people are one of the ethnic groups of Nepal who are culturally impressive and follow the spiritual lifestyles. During the trek in Langtang Trail, you will experience all the aforementioned scenery. Colorful monasteries, chhortens, mani walls, tamang ethnic dresses, fluttering prayer flags along with the innocent smile mixed hospitality make your trek extremely remarkable. Helambu valley is popular for Hyolmo people.



3. Langtang National Park, Himalayan Views and Lakes

Langtang National Park covers the trekking region in Langtang region. It is a home of red panda and snow leopard. Along with it, it has got some of the most impressive peaks of Nepal, including Mt. Langtang Lirung and others. Gosaikunda Lake, one of the best destination in Nepal, is a sacred Lake that is significant for the Hindu devotees. It is surrounded by several Lakes. Almost half of the year, the Lake remains frozen.






4. Guide, Cost, Season and Itinerary for the Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Trekking in Nepal

Expert trekking guide is offered for the trekking in Langtang by Nepal Kameleon Holidays who have decades of experience of leading the trekkers in the Himalayas. You can see our team page to know about the guides and their experiences.

The cost of trekking in Langtang differs according to the length and destination of the trek. So, its better to decide and talk to Kameleon Nepal for the cost.

The best trekking seasons in  the Langtang region are March to May and September to November. But, sexcept the Lauribina Pass (4610 meters), other treks can be done throughout the year.

You can customize the trekking itinerary to Langtang as it has got various routes. Please, feel free to contact us for the detailed information.


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