Know About Naga Baba: Naked Sadhus who Visit the Pashupatinath Temple in Shivaratri Festival

Every year, hundreds of Naga Baba Sadhus make their pilgrimage trip to the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu from India. Naga Baba refers to the Naked Sadhus. If you visit the Pashupatinath temple in Shivaratri, you will see those Sadhus at the premises of the Pashupatinath temple, revealing their secret sexual organs as if nothing has happened and they ask people to worship it. For this reason, several voices have been emerging that this kind of traditions should be banned and the festival should be made more civilized. However, it has been running for hundred of years without any  hindrance.



Naga Baba Sadhus claim that it is a form of paying homage to the God of the gods- Lord Shiva. They perform this ritual in their own and unique way. To be naked physically, putting the ashes around their bodies and sleep on it, screaming Ha ha hu hu with the help of leaps and neck, taking out the sound of an ox and performing some kind of unusual behaviors are the typical features of this community that is taken as a strange act in the general understanding.  


Those who put the negative remarks upon them only see their display of the sexual organs and see them as a subject of laughter. But, it is not a right thing to do. Naked body of naga Baba Sadhus should not be seen as a sexual object, but they bear a great meaning. The cultural experts remark that it should be seen from the historical religious practice of certain Shaiva group, who follow this way of paying homage to Lord Shiva. It is totally not a vulgarity, although it is seen like it outside. Their sexuality is not exposed with their naked body.



However, those naked Baba Sadhus perform various immoral acts at the temple premises and a big crowd become its witnesses. It has been running for hundred of years.

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