Kalinchok Jeep Tour Package in Budget/Cheap Cost

Kalinchowk has become a renowned destination to travel from Kathmandu to those wondering to enjoy the weekend or a couple of days visit with their friends and family. Kalinchok Jeep Tour quenches your thirst for the quest of the perfect blending of nature and culture.  Naturally, Kalinchok is a paradise. It is surrounded by the Himalayan walls. In winters, it remains snowy most of the time, which becomes lovely. Kuri, the base of Kalinchok is located in the picturesque hillside. It is also popular due to its isolated landscape and an escape from the dust and noise of the Kathmandu valley.

Kalinchok Bhagwoti is another attraction of the religious devotees. One of the most powerful Goddess, She is worshipped by the Hindu devotees. So both things combined together- nature and culture in Kalinchok. So, why not?

Due to the location and long drive, Kalinchok jeep drive will be the best option for you. Please, contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays to book the Kalinchok tour package or for any info details about the tour via:

WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

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