Is Nepal Only for Adventure Trekking? What's your Next Plant During Nepal Holiday?

There is not any doubt that Nepal is a paradise for the adventure trekking and mountaineering, as this tiny country is a home of 8000 meter Himalayan peaks, green hills and breathtaking landscape. People often travel Nepal only with this mind set. But, Nepal Kameleon Holidays would like to add some extra offers that you will undoubtedly appreciate to experience them, to get a unique and exciting experience.

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Well, our main concern is here. You may be curious what we are going to suggest. Not something outer from this world, but the same things organized in a different way. We call the activities you enjoy outside of trekking as a storytelling trip. Let's have a look.


Have you tried a culture tour in Nepal? We recommend you Best of Nepal Tour to experience a wide range of cultural diversity and vividness between different cultural background communities.

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Did you try Meet Local People Tour in Nepal? It is the best way to experience the root life of the common people living in the countryside, how do they work, eat and celebrate festivals.

Try Meet Local People Tour

Have you tried hiking day trips in the Kathmandu valley? Although it is to some extent similar to the trekking, but hiking with a storytelling guide can be a different impression for you. You will enjoy walking through the lush forest and get the cultural information about the people living in the valley and also the overall idea based on your interest.

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Jungle Safari in Nepal is another popular thing to do during your trip to Nepal. The tour lets you experience a unique impression of the wildlife and witness the wild activities, including the endangered wild animals like one horned rhino and royal Bengal tiger.

Experience Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Have you tried eating some of the typical eateries in Nepal? Why don't you try Dal Bhat, Momo, Thukpa, Chowmin, Newari dishes and many more. Enjoy the Nepali cuisine and make your mouth watering.

 Try typical dishes in Nepal

Volunteering can be another amazing thing to do if you have time in Nepal holidays. Teaching in the school where children are in tough situation, supporting them some stationery things, uniforms and sport materials can be the best way to contribute in the local communities here in Nepal.

Why not, volunteering in Nepal


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