Is Dal Bhat Power for 24 Hour?

Dal Bhat (rice and lentil) is a national cuisine in Nepal, which is cooked twice a day at lunch and dinner in every house. Along with Dal and Bhat and curry are served, that are almost mandatory item during the meal. It is a source of energy and is eaten without missing hat has become a part of Nepali life.  

There is a saying, 'Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour'. It came as a poetic line suitable for music, but in fact, eating rice is so much durable. Also, it is a very popular term for the tourists. When they come to Nepal, they like to get the taste of typical Nepali cuisine and, no doubt, they will be served Dal Bhat. Sometimes, trekkers also call tea house trek as Dal Bhat trek as they love the delicious meals. Dal Bhat is served with curry, pickle, spinach, salad, yoghurt and so on. If you love to eat meat, chicken or mutton will be served. Nepalese people eat with their right hand, and in some cases, they also eat by left hand.      


dal bhat power 24 hour


Instead of Dal Bhat, in some rural communities, where they do not have rice to cook, they eat meals made from corn flours. They also make special item of dried spinach. A few years back, those who eat meals made of corn flours were regarded poor people, but the perspective has been changed. It is still unanswered,  Is Dal Bhat Power for 24 Hour?

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