Indra Jatra Festival in Kathmandu: Get Blessings of the Living Goddess Kumari

In September 24, 2018 a huge mass was participated Indra Jatra in Kathmandu, especially in the Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is a UNESCO listed world heritage site in Kathmandu Nepal. Indra Jatra is such a popular local festival in Kathmandu that thousands of devotees attend to witness living Goddess Kumari and get blessed. Hundreds of tourists wait this festival for several days and attend to Kathmandu Durbar Square for the festival.





Lord Indra got victory over a loathed demon who caused a heavy drought in Kathmandu valley that brought hundreds of people facing death. At that time, Lord Indra came as a saviour with his armor (known as Indra Dhowj- a 36 ft pine pole). Thus, the beginning of Indra Jatra Festival officially begins after the pole is erected.


Witness Living Goddess Kumari and be Blessed

Witnessing Kumari is the biggest attraction of the Indra Jatra Festival in Kathmandu. A nicely decorated chariot assisted by various other chariots is pulled around the Durbar Square by a large crowd. Various musical parades are marched around. The president of Nepal attends in the inauguration of the festival. Godeess Kumari offers Tika and blessings and She will be taken to the chariot.







Side Attractions

Lakhe dance (masked dance), bhairav dance, Devi dance and so on


lakhe dance-masked-dance-in-kathmandu

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