Ice Hockey and Skating in Gokyo Lake of Solukhumbu Everest Region- Enjoy the Unique Adventure in the Himalayas

Welcome to the highest located ice rink in the world- Gokyo Lake for the Ice Skating and Ice Hockey

A new experience in one of the highest located Lakes in the world- Gokyo Lake (4790 meters) is being introduced through sports. Yes, it is ice hockey and ice skating competition in the frozen Gokyo Lake, for which this is the best season. The government of Nepal to promote Visit Nepal 2020 has introduced this magnificent winter sport in the Khumbu Sherpa highland.

Ice Skating and Ice Hockey Event Date: February 14, 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 secretariat has expected to take tourism in Nepal in a new height with an introduction of unique winter sports in Nepal for the adventure lovers. It is believed that this promotional campaign will exhibit international figure skating event and a friendly ice hockey match that attracts the outdoor sport lovers to try something new at the yard of Mt. Everest and its Himalayan chain.

Winter is for adventure sports in Khumbu, this ice skating and ice hockey event introduced Everest in a unique and spectacular way.


gokyo-lake-trekking-in-nepal-2020 Pic: NTB


Participants in this event are the renowned figures and Olympians from the US and Canada:

Jeremy Abbott of the US – the 2008 Grand Prix Final champion

Patrick Chan of Canada – a former competitive figure skater and a 2018 Olympic gold medalist in the team event

Elizabeth Putnam of Canada – a former competitive pair skater

Matej Silecky of the US – a member of the 2012 US Collegiate Figure Skating Champion team

Nick Kalisz – an ice hockey player and filmmaker

Laura Kottlowski of the US, a figure skating gold medalist

Tsewang Namgail, Tashi Largyal, Jigmet Rinchen and Tinlass Glasston – members of Indo-Tibet Border Police Team

Dmitriy Viktorovich Dudarev – one of the participants of 2010 IIHF World Championship

Sergei Evgenyevich Voronov – the ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy Winner

Aleksandr Chekashev- a former professional ice hockey player



Where is Gokyo Lake? How to reach?

Gokyo Lake is located at an altitude of 4790 meters of the Khumbu region. It is one of the most renowned trekking destinations in Nepal. Trekkers first fly to Lukla from Kathmandu and start trekking through the picturesque Sherpa communities and woods. Crossing a few suspension bridges and entering into the Sagarmatha National Park, they reach to the horseshoe shaped bustling town of Namche Bazaar. It is about 3 days trek to the Gokyo Lake, where this giant Lake is situated. It is the third out of the five Gokyo Lakes in this region.

Another option is to take a helicopter tour either directly from Kathmandu or Lukla. Check out a sample of EBC Helikcopter Tour.



Best Seasons to Visit the Gokyo Lake

Generally, there are two major tourist seasons- spring and autumn. The trekkers start trekking to the Gokyo Lake and Mt. Everest  base camp from March to May and the second season begins from September to November. Beside this, December to the first week of the March is the excellent time for ice hockey and ice skating. As far as you reach to the Gokyo Lake, why don’t you trek to Everest Base Camp?


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