How to Safely Travel-Jeep Tour, Trekking, Hiking and Jungle Safari Nepal with Young Children?

Do you think having children is a reason why you can't plan for a holiday trips- tour, trekking, hiking and jungle safari in Nepal? Now, that can't be a real reason. Nepal Kameleon Holidays has brought some of the family friendly holiday activities in Nepal and some tips how to deal with your children in your travel time.

Handling your younger kids in your Nepal travel is to some extent a challenge in the countries like Nepal as the traffic is so high in the cities and the terraced landscape outside of it. Here are some ways out to take care while you are having a family fun in Nepal.  


1. Prepare Well: Take Suggestions from Experts

This is the gist of a successful travel, away from your home. Please remember, there are some topics that you should deal well before leaving with your luggage. Where to stay, what to eat, where to visit, what are the places where children can get fun of exploration and many more are the common topics. In the cities, it might be easy to find answers of this type of question, but some of the Himalayan parts, it might be a bit difficult. So, we suggest you to ask the travel experts of Nepal to have an outline itinerary. One suggestion might be WhatsApp: +977 9851159455


Elephant Bathing in Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour


2. Hire Comfortable a/c fit Car/Jeep for the Tours

If you are traveling with your family that includes kids, please hire the a/c fit car or jeep as the road situation in several parts of the country is dusty. You need to have comfortable seats for your children, so that they can even take some naps inside the jeep. This applies mostly for the road trips in Nepal. There are some famous jeeps tours in Nepal, take a look, you might be interested upon:

Find: Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Tour

Find: East to West Jeep Tour in Nepal- 17 Days


3. Travel Through Local Agency

We highly recommend traveling in Nepal through the local tour and trek operator, who will systematically organize your trek or tours with your requirements. In some of the parts of Nepal, the accommodation is poor. Hiring a guide will support you to manage your trip through the agency and you can give enough time to your kids. If you are in the crowd, ask them to follow you or the guide will take care of your children.


4. Choose Nice Hotels with Basic Amenities

In 2018, a family has to transfer to another hotel after they got some cockroaches and spiders in their room. The family with kids got so scared that they did not book cheaper accommodations after that. It does not mean that cheaper accommodations are not good enough, but booking nice hotels will offer you a comfortable sleeping, basic room amenities and children can enjoy the services.



5. Hike with Care

A bit more caution should be applied if you are hiking with your kids. The terraced hillsides of Nepal with staircases are quite tough for the kids to deal with. However, with the supporting team, you can manage it. While walking, you should always ask them to follow the area with wall, not the side that leads you to the steep down hills. Never underestimate the rocky trail and be aware full time. If you want to see the things you prefer, ask them to stand still, enjoy the scenery and move forward.


A family hike with their children from the Netherlands led by Nepal Kameleon Holidays


6. Insure Your Children

Having insurance always makes you confident on traveling, which will decrease the risk of paying much in case of emergency or accident. Specially, if you are trekking in Nepal with your children, do not forget about the insurance. If they caught the mountain sickness symptoms or in emergency, they need to take the nearby hospital or do the airlift to the city. But we wish you for the safe and risk free travel.


7. Local Food from the Streets

If you want to travel with your healthy children, it's better to avoid street foods. However, it depends on the place and environment you are eating. Please, make sure that your children are not eating foods that you do not approve. Street foods are often oily, spicy, chilly and sour.


8. Bring Some Useful Repellents

Some the places like Chitwan and Lumbini or even while hiking through the forests, you might need anti-malaria tabs, water purification tabs/liquids, mosquito repellers and so on.  Some of the insects in the hilly and Himalayan region of Nepal might be allergic to your children. So, consult with your local guide.


Kagbeni, the gateway of Upper Mustang.


9. Tell them the basics: Dos and Don'ts

Before leaving your home, tell them a bit about the country, people and some basic things. What to do and what not to do. Tell them what they should do if they are separated with the parents. If they are hiking in the hilly region, don't let them jump here and there. Do not walk close to the River bed. At the same time, you need to teach the customs and cultural practices of Nepal. For example, Cow is a form of Goddess and is worshipped in Nepal, where as it can be a good source of meat.


Note: Please, do not miss your first-aid medical kits for your trip. If you book a trip through the local agency in Nepal, make sure that they do have them. Rest of the medicines and pills needed for you and your children should be carried by yourself.   


At last, we wish you for a safe and exciting family holiday trips in Nepal with your younger kids. Explore the beautiful part of this country and let your children feel the real wonders of Nepal. If you want to get any info about the root level while preparing the trips in Nepal, please do not hesitate to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays via:

WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Web: Holiday with Kids in Nepal


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