Holi Festival in Nepal amid Corona Virus Fear: Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square in Kathmandu 2020

Happy Holi Date 2021: March 28 (in the hilly region like Kathmandu) and March 29 (in the terai region)

Are you worried about government ban of Holi festival celebration? No worries guys. Let's enjoy Happy Holi with Adventure Activities: Bhaktapur Zipline Superman Fly-Sky Cycling-Canopy-Swing


There are some questions regarding the Holi festival celebration in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan like big cities. Tourists enjoy holi in Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square mostly as they are the most visited places. But the question in 2021 is that does celebration holi really exist in Kathmandu? Pokhara? And other places of Nepal? Know More

Holi is a festival of colors, enjoyed by the people in a mass celebration by throwing colors and water to each other. It is a festival celebrated to mark the victory of good deeds and the destruction of evils.

It will be a bit hypothetical to assume what will happen as the situation is so so. By this time, Nepal government has been running vaccination programs to the citizens and the results are becoming positive. The coronavirus cases are getting down everyday, so a better future and a wonderful holi celebration is expected.




Recently, the government of Nepal has made restrictions in a mass gathering- celebrations, meetings and so on. It has continued the suspension of on-arrival visa for tourists unless it is really necessary.

However, it can be assumed that holi festival celebration might be continued amid coronavirus fear in Nepal/Kathmandu. But, it should be done with a specific attention that minimizes the risk of getting virus in the crowd:-

  • You should wear mask and hand gloves during the celebration
  • Better to enjoy in a small group, if possible with your relatives and friends only
  • Do not use the underground water that can be contaminated
  • Wash your hand, clothes and body after the celebration well


Note: Please, be updated with the public notice of the government about the celebration, which can be banned. Your safety is important than any other things.

Click Here: Latest Update about Holi Festival

What about Tours and Trekking in Nepal amid and after Coronavirus?

Well. There are rumors about the coronavirus in Nepal but the reality is that has not hit Nepal till the first week of March 2020. One was found positive who already got cured after a couple of days in January. More than 110 people were evacuated by the Nepal government from Wuhan, China who were ket in quarantine and found negative and went home.

We get to know that the situation of Nepal is full of misery and it lacks food. It is wrong. There are hotels and restaurants for food and accommodation, mountain lodges are waiting for the trekkers. Fear of spreading the virus is there as more than 60 countries in the world have been affected from Covid-19, but the situation is not terrible in Nepal. Still, several trekkers are in the trekking, travelers are coming (the numbers have been highly decreased) and going.



As the global impact, the numbers of travelers have been cut badly, but the holiday operators are operating tours and trekking in Nepal. We advise you to travel being safe, follow the precautions, consult your doctor and travel to Nepal, if you are healthy. The situation is not as bad as it is described as terrible.  

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