Holi Festival Celebration 2020 to be Suspended/Banned in Nepal Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Happy Holi Date 2021: March 28 (in the hilly region like Kathmandu) and March 29 (in the terai region)

Holi Special Event: Ranikot Ghyampe Danda Zipline Superman Fly-Sky Cycling-Canopy-Swing-Day Hiking


Latest Update:

After the global launch of COVID-19 vaccines, Nepal has started to offer vaccinations to the health officials and public. It has raised a wonderful hope for the future and the celebration of holi has been expected. The Coronavirus cases are being slow down and on the other hand, vaccinations are giving positive results.

Some impressive holi pictures of 2019 celebration in Kathmandu



Corona virus (Covid-19) emerged in China and has spread throughout the world taking thousands of lives and affecting almost 100 thousands of people around the globe. Once World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Nepal as a risky zone from coronavirus, Nepal government has suspended all the mass activities.

Even in 2020, the Holi festival was celebrated amazingly around Thamel and Kathmandu Durbar Square despite the warning of the government. However, the only difference is that there were not any musical celebrations and vulgarity. It was great and amazing. Thousands of people gathered at the premises of Kathmandu Durbar Square. Find More: Holiday in Nepal

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