Hindu Women's Festival- Teej 2017

Teej is important for both married and unmarried Hindu women. Unmarried girls stay fasting and worship Mahadev so that they could get the husband suitable for her, dedicated and lovely. Married women worship for the long life of their husbands. The fourth day, also known as Rishi Panchami is the final day of this festival. On this day, women go to the nearest stream or River, take a bath and participate in Puja (worship). It is believed that the relationship between husband and wife will be more stronger. For unmarried, they will get a lovely and dedicated husband. Women gather in one place and talk with their friends about their household and this and that. They feel nice to meet each other after a long time.

The first day- Dar Khane din

The second day- Teej (fasting, singing and dancing)

The third day- Ganesh chaturdashi

The fourth day- Rishi Panchami


Here are some of the snaps taken from Kathmandu Durbar Square of the celebration of Teej Festival 2017.






















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