Hike Through Amazon in Kathmandu

Hike Through Amazon Trail in Kathmandu is the best day hiking package for the mild adventure lovers. It is a day trip with pick up from your hotel, hike through Nepal Kameleon Trail (aka hike through amazon), back by cable car and drive back to hotel. This hiking is the best hiking in Kathmandu due to the isolated trail and 4 hours walk without meeting other people (last hiking, we met 3 local people). It is amazing in terms of nature and you will be accompanied by the regular cricket buzzing sound.


An impression of the Hike through Amazon in Kathmandu (Nepal Kameleon Trail)


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Reach the top through Amazon in Kathmandu hill ridge (Nepal Kameleon Trail)



The beginning part of Nepal Kameleon Trail, hike through Amazon



Figure out the nature of the Nepal Kameleon Trail, hike through Amazon in Kathmandu



She is preparing meal with a great excitement



Storytelling guide of Nepal Kameleon Holidays


View from the top of the hill ridge


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