Happy Teej Festival Celebrated in Nepal by Hindu Women

Teej is a widely celebrated Hindu women's festival in Nepal. They remain fasting on this day and worship God and Goddess. They continue it the next day and conclude the festival with worshipping. The festival is for the wonderful family life of the women and a great bond between husband and wife.

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The girls also celebrate Teej festival. They start to fast and worshipping since they have their first menstruation. In Hinduism, menstruation is regarded as untouchable. To get rid of it, they start to worship the deities.

In Kathmandu, women from various parts gather at Kathmandu Durbar Square and organize a singing and dancing event. A huge mass will enjoy the festival. Even the men love to explore the festival with a great excitement. Let's have a look about the Teej Festival overview at Kathmandu Durbar Square.












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