Happy Holi (Fagupurnima) March 01

Happy Holi Date 2021: March 28 (in the hilly region) and March 29 (in the terai-low land region)

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Holi, also called Fagupurnima  is a significant festival for the Hindu devotees, which is celebrated throughout the country, Nepal. It is also an important festival in India. Holy festival also signifies the end of the winter and the beginning of Spring. On this day, people gather in a park or yard and throw colors, water and balloons with colored water to the friends and relatives who gather for the celebration.

Connecting it with religious and cultural myth, it is a celebration of colors on the occasion of the burning of the Holika. It is the symbolic burning of the negative forces the are prevailed within you.

Holi festival has become a celebration that is an opportunity to meet up friends and relatives. It is a national holiday in Nepal and India. The tourist center- Thamel and its surroundings-Asan, Indrachok, Kathmandu Durbar Square type of places will be covered by the youths and those who enjoy this day.



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