Gyalpo Lhosar (Sherpa New Year) in Nepal: Sherpa Culture Festivals and Traditions

Gyalpo Lhosar is the Tibetan New Year, which is widely celebrated by the Sherpa, Hyolmo and Bhotiya communities of Nepal. They celebrate this festival differently, according to their traditions. Although Gyalpo Lhosar is celebrated for the two weeks, the first three days are main to celebrate. The second day of these 3 days is the main day to celebrate it.

The first day: they make Changkol (aka Chhang, homemade alcoholic drink)

The second day: Main day of Gyalpo Lhosar (dance, sing, wear typical dress, party).

The third day: get together and feast.

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What is special in Gyalpo Lhosar?

Those who celebrate this festival extremely enjoy with various activities. They wear traditional dresses, sing and dance in chorus, play musical instruments, eat and drink various home made items, gathering and spiritual performance is made. People visit the nearby monasteries, chhortens and Stupas. Some ceremonial dances represent the tussle between Gods and Demons based on the Tibetan Lunar calendar.


gyalpo_losar_nepalPic: NTB


In Kathmandu?

Sherpa, Bhotiya, Hylmo and other devotees gather in Tundikhel, which is the open space in Kathmandu.


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