Group Tours and Trekking in Nepal

Welcome to Nepal, the land of the world's tallest peak- Mt. Everest (8848 meters) and the birthplace of Lord Buddha (messenger of peace). You may be looking for the trusty trekking and tour agency in Nepal that organizes your tours and trekking activities in budget price or you are looking for the group discount. Your answer is here with Nepal Kameleon Holidays.


With Family Suppers in Meet Local People Tour


Traveling in groups is always beneficial. To share the experience and to travel in the budget cost. It is no doubt, the similar case in Nepal. To ease your group travel and trekking in Nepal, Nepal Kameleon Holidays make a special plan. We offer different trip cost, ranging from a solo traveler to the group traveling. You can see on our cost plan.


With Family Bowman in Shivapuri Day Hike


Moreover, group refers to the family group as well. If you are traveling in Nepal with your younger kids, we specialize in organizing such trips with stories. Storytelling makes your journey not only fabulous, but also recreating. If your children enjoy the way the storyteller's guide leads them with amazing folktales and letting them to feel the real excitement. Don't you want to experience the fabulous excursion or excellently organized tours in Nepal? Please, feel free to contact us at:

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