Good News: Highest Record of Tourists Arrival in Nepal in 2019

This year, the highest flow of tourists has been recorded. From the January 2018 till October, 8,82,531 tourists have visited Nepal. In the same duration last year, 7,57,448 tourists have visited Nepal, according to the record. There has been growth of 16.5% than the last year. Only in October, 1,09,733 tourists have visited Nepal.


Poon Hill (3210 meters), Lower Annapurna Trek


Most of the tourists have come from the neighboring countries- India and China. During the 10 months of 2018, the tourist flow rate has hit 1,61,963 numbers from India. Indian tourists come to Nepal mostly for the pilgrimage trips. Nepal has got some of the world renowned Hindu pilgrimage destinations as Pashupatinath Temple, Janakpurdham, Muktinath Temple and others. Indian pilgrimage seekers also use the Nepali route to join the pilgrimage trip of Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. Indian tourists also come for the seminar, wedding and others in Nepal.


Heading to Everest Base Camp Trek (Asian Tourists)


Likewise, from China 1,21,418 tourists have visited Nepal from January to October 2018. In the recent years, the tourists flow from China has been increasing rapidly throughout the world.  Similarly, 73,677 tourists from the USA, 50,161 from the UK have visited Nepal during this time. Even from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the tourists are increasing. From Sri Lanka 46,280 and 21,110 Bangladeshi travelers have visited Nepal in the last 10 months.


Preparation of Hike through Amazon in Kathmandu


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Data Source: CRI

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