Get to Know the Traditional Musical Instruments of Nepal

Traditional Musical Instruments of Nepal bear a long history that typically represents the cultural prosperity. They are handmade and often used in the cultural ceremony, including wedding, festivals, rituals and any other culturally significant ceremonies. Traditionally, Panche Baja and Naumati Baja are most popular in the society.


Here are the list of the traditional musical instruments of Nepal.


It is a short and slightly curved pipe like instrument, consisting 6 small holes to generate different music. It is a matter of breath that requires a continual blow. A tinned based with a small pipe will be put on mouth to blow and the slightly opened top will produce amazing music.


Traditional musical instruments of Nepal



It is long, (3-4 meters) and curve like a pipe and blown from the bottom. The upper part is in the shape of a horn that delivers amazing music.


Traditional Musical Instruments of Nepal



It is played by both hands, one by the stick and another by the bare hand. There are thin lines of the leather.


Traditional Musical Band of NepalThe guy on the begining of left: the instrument with both side drum is known as Dholak/Dhalaki.



Jhurma or Jhyali is a set of two round disc, banging each other and generatic a wonderful music. It is sharp and brilliant. In the wedding ceremonies, big plates are used and in other ritual ceremonirs small discs are used. In the picture, the fourth man from both sides, is playing Jhurma/jhyali.



Tyamko is small in size. It has got one leather surfaced drum and is played with two sticks. It creates sharp and amazing music. Damaha is a form of big Tyamko. Both are less labor used tasks in playing traditional muscial instruments.


nepali traditional musicThe man on the second (sitting) from left, playing Tempo (one drum, played by two sticks)



Nepali traditional musical devicesThe man on the third chair from left is playing Damah.


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