Gai Jatra (Cow Carnival) 2018 (2075) in Kathmandu: A memorial day

Hundreds of groups around the Kathmandu valley who have lost their family member during one year of time have participated in the street parade on Monday. Kathmandu Durbar Square was the place they gathered and walked around the gullies and streets of Kathmandu while parading back to their home.


Gai Jatra (Cow Carnival) in Kathmandu 2018



Gai Jatra (Cow Carnival) in Kathmandu 2018




From the medieval period, Gai Jatra had been started to perform. After losing her son, the queen was so sad and she gave up eating. She was so depressed. King asked the people in Kathmandu valley to march a parade on this day. Then there was a huge mass performing in the street. Then queen started to live back normally because she came to know that she was not the single mother who lost the baby.


On this day, the children from the family disguise themselves and try to become funny.


Gai Jatra (Cow Carnival) in Kathmandu 2018




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