Flora and Fauna in Kajin Sara Lake Trekking

Kajin Sara Lake Trekking (5002 meters) is a world renowned excursion to the highest located Lake in the world. It is lately discovered Lake by the officials of the Manang district and Nepal Kameleon Holidays organized the first commercial trek to the Kajin Sara Lake, aka Singar Lake in Annapurna.

Team- Nepal Kameleon Holidays has discovered the wilderness trail of the Kajin Sara Lake Trekking. The trek ran from 16 Aug 2019 to 22 Aug 2019. Our team found this trail prosperous in the flora and fauna. Especially, the terraced hillside of the Kajin Lake Trek route is dotted by the wild flowers. They are in different colors and belong to different species.






Kajin Sara Lake aka Singar Lake, located at 5002 meters altitude in Annapurna Himalayan Region of Nepal


















In fauna species, some of the Himalayan wild animals are found like Snow leopard in the alpine region. Downhill- monkey, Chital, wolf, jackal, deer and other animals are found.


Paw of the Snow Leopard seen in the mud while doing Kajin Sara Lake Trekking. It looked, it was there recently.


Looking for a virgin trekking package in Nepal? Nepal Kameleon Holidays organizes Kajin Sara Lake Adventure Trek in Annapurna to fulfil your quest for a virgin route trekking in Nepal. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more details via:

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