Everyday Departure Day Hiking in Kathmandu

Greetings from Nepal Kameleon Holidays, dear hiking lovers around the world that have arrived in Kathmandu. Whatever your purpose of traveling in Nepal, day hiking trips makes you refresh and offer an excellent memory to you. If your purpose is going to trek in the Himalayan region, day hiking in Kathmandu will acclimatize you and maintains your physical fitness.


Nepal Kameleon Holidays organizes everyday day hiking trips in the Kathmandu valley. We are a group of storytellers that is dedicated to making your day tours in Kathmandu exclusively outstanding. We have 6 major day hiking packages that will depart every day.

Please, note that, some day hiking destinations require an entry permit.


Please, book our amazing day hiking packages as mentioned below.

Chandragiri Day Hike (Kameleon Trail: Hike through the Amazon)

Nagarjun Day Hike

Mudkhu Bhanjyang Day Hike

Shivapuri Day Hike

Sundarijal Mulkharka Day Hike

Nagarkot Day Hike


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