Dashain Festival in Nepal: Blessings, Tika & Jamara and Vacation

After celebrating amazing Dashain Festival, the normal day to day activities have begun already. About 4.5 million people who had gone to their village to celebrate the festival have started to come to Kathmandu. Dashain is the biggest festival and it falls in October. Autumn is the festival season in Nepal that covers three giant festivals- Teej, Dashain and Tihar (Deewali).


Dashain Festival runs for 15 days, beginning from the very first day, known as Ghatasthapana. The festival vacation begins from the 7th day, known as Phunpati. The 8th day is known as Asthami, which is the day to sacrifice the animal. The 10th day is the main day of the festival. People put in Tika and Jamara from the elders and get blessings. This process continues for 5 more days and it concludes.


Autumn or the festival season in Nepal is the best time to visit Nepal for both nature and culture exploration. The weather is neither hot nor cold. People prefer to trek in the Himalayas during autumn and tour around Nepal.

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