Coronavirus Fear in Peak Climbing and Everest Expedition: When will it open? Mountaineering in Nepal after Coronavirus

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected the whole world and tourism became its first target that has to pay uncountable price. Travelers who would escape to their preferred destinations are locked inside their own territory and a big chaos has faced by the countries around the world. This has stunned the climbers and high altitude adventure lovers with the news that Everest Expedition and Peak Climbing trips are suspended for an unknown time. The question now is: when will it open again?


The second week of March, the Tibetan autonomous region has banned climbing the tallest peak of the world from the north face, which is located in the Tibetan side. China Tibetan Mountaineering Association (CTMA) issued a notice for the travelers and peak expedition planners that spring will remain closed for Everest Expedition.

What about Everest Expedition from the South Face-it is Nepal

Nepal has also suspended all peak climbing activities and Mt. Everest Expedition activities for this season (Spring)-2020, following the global warning of coronavirus outbreak. WHO has set an alarm that the case has taken a worldwide pandemic condition and tourism activities should be halted. Following this, all on-arrival tourist visas have been suspended.


Nepal has got mainly two busy tourism seasons. Spring and autumn to name them although some other activities like trekking and tours will continue throughout the year. Peak climbing and expedition time begins from spring, which is the time now. But, with the disaster of coronavirus, Nepal government has suspended all mountaineering activities. It is going to affect the national economic support as the nation could earn millions of dollars every season.


Due to the cancellation of spring Everest expedition, the Khumbu region, which is the heart of the Everest climbers and Everest base camp trekkers has to face a economic crisis. The hugely trafficked trail of Khumbu will face isolation itself as the trekking activities have also been almost dropped to 95%.


Sandhya Timalsena, the communication manager at Nepal Kameleon Holidays remarks that it's time to fight with the coronavirus crisis. Of course the tourism-expedition, peak climbing, trekking and tours along with the hospitality industry have faced a huge chaos, but there is no way to skip it. It is a global challenge and we need to stay fine and prepare for another season. A huge loss in Nepali tourism should be compensated with a huge preparation for the next season.


The Condition of the manpower in tourism

It is not only the Everest expedition team that has suffered from the global outbreak of the coronavirus. The local manpower has been facing this chaos about when it begins again? To face this condition, the travel agencies and hospitality institutions have sent their workers on unpaid leave. But, one good point is that there has been a huge family re-union time for the people who have not met, sat and talked for years.


When will the Everest Expedition opens next?

After the end of coronavirus outbreak. But, it’s a tough question to reply. Every country should apply the measures to be protected from spreading this virus. It has unanswered the future of tourism in Nepal. Nima Sherpa, who has assisted several climbers to touch the world's highest summit, seems gloomy regarding the outbreak at the mouth of its operation- spring Everest expedition-2020. Meera Aacharya, director of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) puts his idea about uncertainty about the next opening of Everest expedition. "One thing is for sure that Everest Expedition for spring season-2020 has been halted. Let's hope, it will open in the next season"-she adds.

Up to 12th of March, 5 expedition teams with 13 members had taken the climbing permits and they have been called off.

Ama Dablam Peak Expedition- 5

Chukiyima Goma- 2

Pawuk Khangma- 3

Jarkaya Peak- 3

Thorang Peak- 2


Coronavirus Update in Nepal till 2020-03-15

Not a single coronavirus case exists in the country according to the health related department. One man was tested positive at the beginning when Wuhan was suffering from the disaster. But he had gone home after a couple of day's medication. Uo to this time, Nepal is safe from coronavirus.

However, to protect the spreading from other countries, it has applied high security measurements by closing schools early, check up at the airport and on-arrival-visa ban to all the tourists till April 30.


Khumbu, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and Dolpo-What will be the effects?


Khumbu is a heart of the alpine adventure lovers. It is not only the home of Mt. Everest, but also various other trekking peaks and delighting landscape. Kalapatthar is the best viewpoint of numerous 8000 meter peaks. Everest Base Camp Trek is a world's most magnificent adventure trekking. However, with the coronavirus case, this far-fetched trail is gonna miss thousands of adventure lovers, trekkers, peak climbers and Everest summiters. The lodges in the mountain will remain empty. Thousands of mountaineering and trekking manpower (guide, porter, Sherpa, cooking staffs) will be jobless. Flights to Lukla will be suspended vastly.

This will be the same case in Annapurna. The ABC Trek via Poon Hill will be lacking foreigners. Mardi Himal Trekking and Annapurna Circuit Trekking along with Kajin Sara Lake with Annapurna Circuit Trek will face the huge deduction in the number of trekkers. So is the case in employment rate.



Langtang region will be just waiting for the tourists. However, this will welcome comparatively more travelers, but they will be the domestic tourists. Langtang Gosaikunda Trek will welcome thousands of travelers as the holy Gosaikunda Lake is located in the Langtang National Park. It is a sacred Lake that links the Hindu mythologies.

Manaslu and Dolpo regions are the restricted regions of Nepal that require special trekking permits. Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Manaslu region and Dolpo Trekking in the Phoksundo National Park are popular for the trekking. Manaslu peak expedition is equally popular for the extreme adventure lovers. It seems that these two restricted region will lack the visitors which will badly affect the locals who depend on tourism.


A short back and forth

Tourism in Nepal has been affected due to various causes. Let's not go so far. The Maoist insurgency that begun in 1995, created several hindrances for the tourism development for 10 years. Then in 2015, the devastating earthquake made a huge effect in welcoming the number of foreign travelers. In 2020, travel industry went on coma from the coronavirus outbreak globally.  Although Nepal has not been affected from the virus itself, the danger of spreading caused a huge total loss in the national economy.


Stay Update

If you are planning to visit Nepal for the adventure purpose, trekking, tours and other things, please stay updated from the latest rules and procedures. You can check them in the governmental websites or the website of Nepal immigration. Embassy of your country is the best information source.

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