Chandragiri Day Hiking- Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking Preparation

Chandragiri Day Hiking in Kathmandu has multiple dimensions for those who are looking for adventurous trekking like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit, and Langtang Valley Trekking. Although it is just a 4 hours hike, it escorts you through the isolated route being accompanied by the chirping melody of birds, playing hide and seek with the sun and clouds, feeling the freshness of nature along hiking through the tranquil route.

Yes. This is the Chandragiri hill day hike. Hundred of thousands of people dream of Everest base camp trekking or the Manaslu circuit trekking. But, due to their time limitation, they can't prepare well before heading for these adventurous trekking in Nepal. And now you don't need to worry. Nepal Kameleon Holidays operate a beautiful and exclusive Chandragiri hiking in Kathmandu.

Hiking to Chandragiri hill offers a moderate trekking experience and it assures your physical fitness.


Day Hiking in Nepal


Begins from: Chandragiri Cable Car Station (1350 meters)

Ends at: Chandragiri Hill Top (2550 meters)

Hiking Duration: 4 Hours

Trail Type: Slightly Moderate

Return By: Cable Car

Nepal Kameleon Holidays recommends you test your physical fitness, stretch your nerves, enjoy a beautiful day hike and build confidence about your upcoming trip. Enquire Book and Go.

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Chandragiri Hiking with Kids

This depends on the age of the children. If they are above 7, it will be fine. Below that, we don't recommend it because the Chandragiri hiking trail is not an easy one, it is a moderate trail, to be honest. 

If you bring your children/kids to the Chandragiri hike, you need to be careful while walking. Because in many parts, the route is too steep and you need to be slow and be aware of it.

The beginning of the route is amazing. Then it goes all the way through the route shaded by the natural canopy. No more sun's heat. The chirping melody of the birds continually backs you up.

With kids, Chandragiri hiking can be of 4 hours. You should begin the hike with your breakfast as there are no hotels or cafés until 2-3 hours walk. After this, you can eat in a local restaurant/tea shop- a yummy meal.

After a meal, the hike is further than 1 hour to reach the Chandragiri Hilltop. The hilltop has got a cable car station, restaurant, and the Bhaleshor Mahadev Temple.  


Chandragiri Hill Top

Chandragiri Hill Top is a historical point. King Prithvi Narayan Shah's warriors made a plan and attacked Kathmandu looking from this hill ridge. They tried and failed 2 times and succeeded to conquer it in the third effort. The Bhaleshor Mahadev Temple is an ancient location and a Hindu pilgrimage destination. Thousands of pilgrimage seekers visit this place to pay homage and experience a cable car ride.



Book Chandragiri Day Hiking, Cost, and Itinerary

It's easy to book Chandragiri Day Hiking with Nepal Kameleon Holidays. We are available via WhatsApp and Email that you can connect through.

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