Book Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal 2019-2020: Jungle Safari Package, Cost, Itinerary

Jungle Safari in Nepal is an amazing holiday package for the nature lovers. You will get an opportunity to explore the magnificent wildlife sanctuary and some of the rarest found wild habitats. There are two most visited national parks in Nepal that are highly admired for the jungle safari tour in Nepal.


Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Chitwan Jungle Safari with Tharu village Tour itinerary takes you into the wilderness of nature and a wonderful Tharu village tour. Chitwan National Park lies in the lowland region of Nepal, which takes about 6 hrs driving or half an hour flight and one hour driving from Kathmandu. The national park covers 932 Sq. Km. It is a homeland of Royal Bengal Tigers and one-horned rhino, along with elephants, deer, crocodiles, snakes and bird species.



Bardiya Jungle Safari Tour

Bardiya Tiger Watching Wildlife Safari is a luminous jungle safari package to explore the diverse wildlife in the Bardiya National Park. Watching the Royal Bengal Tiger is one of its tantalizing features for which wildlife safari lovers from different corners of the world would love to visit. The guided safari tour in Bardiya not only offers you an opportunity explore the rich wild lives, but also to explore the local habitats and their relation to nature.


Bardiya National Park was established in 1988 with the mixed form of other conservation areas. It covers an area of 968 km2, located in the Bardiya district next to the Karnali River bank.  It has got a large area of grasslands and subtropical moist deciduous forests. The diversity of the national park lies on the flora and fauna it consists. 839 species of flora, 642 fauna species, and 23 reptiles and amphibian species are found. It is a pocket zone to witness the Royal Bengal Tiger. This safari is just brilliantly guided trip by the expert naturalists from the locality, who will share all their knowledge about the rich natural habitats.


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