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Are you looking for the hiking trips around Kathmandu? Are you traveling with your family with kids/children and looking for the best family hiking? You love meditation and looking for the meditation hike in Nepal? Nepal Kameleon Holidays has got the best answer for your curiosity. It is the best hiking organizer in Nepal.

Chandragiri Day Hike

Chandragiri Hiking is an excellent full day trip on the valley ridge of Kathmandu. Walking through the shadow, you will hide and seek with the golden sunrays. It is a unique trail in the sense that while walking you can also enjoy the Kathmandu valley view along the Himalayas on its horizon.

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Namobuddha Balthali Day Hike

A perfect destination for the full day hike around Kathmandu is Namobuddha Balthali-Khopasi hiking. After about 2 hours drive, the hike begins via Namobuddha monastery, which is one of the famous monasteries in Nepal. Through the magnificent trail, it leads you to the picturesque Balthali village. Continuing, it ends at Khopasi and drive back to Kathmandu.

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Nagarkot Day Hike

Nagarkot Family Day Hiking Avoiding Motor Road is an incredible trip highly suitable for the gentle hikers, who love to explore the beauties around the valley, Himalayas and eye catching landscape. Nagarkot hike through new route is an opportunity for you to entertain your exclusive time during your holiday in Nepal and offer special time with a day hike for your family. You will get amazing day hiking experience, explore the scenic beauties of the Kathmandu valley downwards and the picturesque sloppy hills for the rest, family picnic, photosession and storytelling.

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Shivapuri Day Hike

Hiking to the hill ridge of the Kathmandu valley offers remarkable day trip excursion through the lush forest. Shivapuri Hiking Day Trip is one of them. It is in total 4 hours or 7 hours hike through the peaceful setting of nature. The excellent trail, incredible natural scenery and the feeling of freshness offer you a remarkable day with the chriping melody of birds.

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Nagarjun Day Hike

A wonderful refreshment with a day hike in Nagarjun forest. It is an incredible hike through the woods and reach tot a viewpoint at the top of the hill, enjoy the Himalayan sceneries, green hills, valley and much more. It is the most closely located outstanding day hike destination from Thamel- a tourist hub in Kathmandu.

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Mudkhu Bhanjyang Day Hike

Every day Mudkhu Bhanjyang Day Hike is now available with Nepal Kameleon Holidays. The most amazing aspect of this hike is to explore the dramatic view of the Kathmandu valley, green hill terraces and the mesmerizing Himalayan views from the view tower. The view tower located at the top of the hill ridge is the final destination of this hike, which is also suitable for the family hiking with kids. It is a gentle hiking route.

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