Bhume Puja: Magar Culture, Traditions and Festivals

Bhume is the main festival of Magar communities of the Kham speaking sect. It is also called 'Nakowange' in the local term. From the ancient period, the festival has been celebrated from Ashad 1 to one week or ten days.

But the preparation of the Bhume festival will proceed a month earlier. From Jestha 01, the festival opens in advance by playing the musical instruments and worshipping the nature. One the one hand there is a celebration of the storage of summer foods and on the other; they worship for the better crops of the monsoon. It is believed that if the musical instruments begin to play, then the birds and insects come out to listen the music that helps to keep the crops safe.

Magar ethnic community populates the mid-hilly region. They are rich in their original culture, lifestyle and language. Magar communities are divided in three groups in terms of language use. Magar from the Eastern Kali Gandaki River is called 'BAHIYA Magarat', the western are known as 'ATHARA Magarat' and the Dolpali Magara are called 'KAIKE Magarat'.

The history of Magars begin after living in the terraced hill sides and doing the agricultural deeds. In the rainy season, there will be several landslides, so they started to worship nature for their safety and the improvement in the seasonal crops. Bhume Puja is worshipping Mother Nature. Magar people believe in nature religion that worshipping the deities.

But the worry of the Magar communiities is that the traditional way od celebrating Bhume Nach is gradually dis-appearing. During this festival, Magar people from children to the aged ones, enjoy by singing and dancing. They play five musical instruments, including DAMAHA and JHYALI. They also sing Bhume song on this festival.

Bhume Puja (Worshipping the nature), commune lifestyle and respecting the elders are the major features of the festival. There are several Magar communities in Nepal, who celebrate this festival immensely. Rukum and Rolpa district are among them. Hukam, Maikot, Taksera, Rangsi, Jang, Lukum, Kankri, Kyangsi, Morabang, Mahat, Kanda are the places in Rukum that celebrate Bhume Puja immensely. Likewise,, Thawang, Mirul, Jelbang, Kureli, Uwa and other places that are heavily populated by the Magar communities in Rolpa district, celebrate this festival.





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