Bhaktapur Zipline and Sky Cycling: Ranikot Ghyampe Danda above Suryabinayak

Are you looking for a different memory on your weekend around Kathmandu valley? Well, why not a zipline adventure at Ranikot? Or sky cycling, canopy, superman fly, and a couple zipline? The new and various forms of adventure are calling you above Suryabinayak Bhaktapur.

Where is it?

Ghyampe Danda Ranikot Zipline station is located 15 km away from Kathmandu (Thamel/Old Bus Park). Take a right turn from Suryabinayak Chowk and you will reach the Suryabinayak temple. Take a left turn and follow the road to Pilot Baba Aashram. A little above it, there is a zipline point, on a beautiful hillside of Ranikot hill. It's just 4 km to reach there from Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur.

How to go there?

You have different options. You can take a public bus to Suryabinayak chowk. Then go up to the temple. You can hike to the zipline point through the isolated road, which is really fantastic.

If you take a private car/bike, you reach there in 30 minutes from Kathmandu (depends on traffic). If you want to book a car, it costs rs. 3500 back and forth which takes you there waits till you finish zipline and takes you back to Kathmandu.  

If you want to book a car/jeep from Kathmandu, please do not hesitate to call us or WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

Zipline and Cycling Activities

Zipline activities are available along with cycling for the adventure lovers. There are three types of zipline in long and short rope.

Long Zipline: 1.2 km and short zipline: 450 meters

Sky Cycling: 350 meters

Canopy Cycling: 350 meters



Weight limitation

Normal Zipline

rs. 3000 (long) rs.1500 (short)


Superman Fly

rs.3500 (long)

Below 65 kg

Couple Zipline

rs.4000 (long)

Below 130 kg

Sky Cycling

rs.1500 (one way) rs.2000 (both way)

Below 80 kg

Canopy Cycling

rs.1800 (one way) rs.2500 (both way)

Below 85 kg

Note: The weight limitation can be different according to the season. Please, if you have any queries about the weight limitation, feel free to contact us.

Photo/Video: extra rs. 500.


Hiking Options

If you love a short hike, you can begin from Suryabinayak up to Ranikot hill ridge via Pilot Baba Aashram. Although the route follows the road, the isolated route and fresh greeneries make the trip wonderful. It's almost uphill climbing and takes about 2 hours climbing and about 45 minutes descending. The rest of the time you visit the surroundings, enjoy taking pictures, and have lunch.

Another hiking option is beginning from Ghyampe Danda to Ranikot and extends the hike to Panauti. This is the best-recommended hiking.

You can also choose the hike from Ranikot to Lakuri Bhanjyang or Phulchoki.

For booking and further enquiry: Phone/WhatsApp: +977 9851159455 Email: [email protected]

Booking office: Nepal Kameleon Holidays, Thamel Kathmandu


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