Best Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Helicopter Tours in Nepal lets the travelers to explore the breathtaking sights in a limited time. Heli Day Tour in Nepal has been designed to quench the exploration thirst of the outstanding destinations in Nepal, from the magnificent Himalayas of Everest region to the spectacular  Rara Lake. Nepal Kameleon Holidays has traced out some of the best Heli tour and trek destinations in Nepal.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour is a dream trip to the heaven on earth. The Rara Lake is synonymously known as the queen of Lakes, which is beautifully located at the 2990 meters above sea level in the western Nepal, bounded by Rara National Park. In a single day, by the helicopter, you can enjoy exploring this biggest lake of Nepal that has been bordered by the massive white peaks and surrounded by the cricket buzzing pine forest.  


Everest Base Camp Heli Tour and Trek

Just managing a day is enough if you want to go to the Everest base camp. Nepal Kameleon organizes 1 day Everest base camp Heli tour and trek to fulfill your dream to be in Everest base camp and explore the brilliant view of the world's tallest peak along with its 8000 meter neighbors. This is the time to book the 1 day Everest Heli tour and feel the elegance, what you may have not imagined. This tour takes off from Kathmandu and refilling the fuel at Lukla, it moves directly towards the Everest base camp.


Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour and Trek

Muktinath Pilgrimage Heli Tour and Trek is a perfect trip to make your holiday outstanding. Muktinath is a renowned pilgrimage destination in Nepal for Hindu and Buddhists. However, if you love mountains and exploration of the Hindu and Buddhist deities, you will enjoy brilliantly. This heli tour to Muktinath is a trip to the little paradise, a place to get salvation and wash out all your sins. The Muktinath temple is located at 3800 meters, just at the base of the Thorong La pass in the Mustang region.


Langtang Valley Heli Tour and Trek

The incredible Langtang Valley Heli Tour and Trek- 1 Day is a precious trip to the remarkable destination of the Langtang region, which was described as the most beautiful valley in the world by the famous mountaineer- Bill Tilman. Tibetan Buddhism influenced Langtang valley is surrounded by the rousing white peaks and glacier. It is populated by the ethnic Tamang communities.


Gosaikunda Lake Heli Tour and Trek

Gosaikunda Lake Heli Tour and Trek-1 Day is a sacred pilgrimage Heli journey in the Langtang region. The Lake is believed to be created by Lord Shiva and devotees believe that Lord Shiva is still meditating inside the Lake. Thousands of Hindu devotees do the pilgrimage trip by trekking or helicopter. Nepal Kameleon Holidays organizes the Gosaikunda Lake Heli Tour and Trek in reasonable price. The flight takes off from Kathmandu and directs you to the north direction that is walled by the outstanding Himalayan peaks.


Everest Breakfast Tour at 3962 Meters

The Everest breakfast tour is a sharp and incredible tour in the Everest Khumbu region of Nepal. It is a one day helicopter tour that leads you to the Everest base camp and takes you down to Hotel Everest View for the breakfast that you could hardly imagine how adorable is the breakfast.  It is far excellent trip that offers you the straightforward view of the world's highest peak- Mt. Everest (8848 meters). The Everest breakfast tour is further enticed by various 8000 meter peaks and the breathtaking panoramas.


Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour and Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour and Trek-1 Day is one of the best offerings of Nepal Kameleon Holidays. Within a few hours, you can explore the marvelous sceneries of the Annapurna panoramas. It is highly suitable for the family trips and timely bounded travelers. We offer the cheap Heli tours to Annapurna base camp and you can make your trip exclusively awesome with abundant pictures. Flying to the natural amphitheater of ABC, the 360 sceneries can be explored.


Upper Mustang Lomanthang Heli Tour and Trek

If you are interested to explore the Tibetan Buddhist culture in the hidden valley of the Upper Mustang region, take Upper Mustang Heli Tour and Trek that offers the quick platform for you and you do not have to worry about your time limitation. This is the fastest travel to Upper Mustang, which is a sacred valley with cultural jewels. It offers a chance to discover the hidden facts about the antique and ancient living style of the Lo People.


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