5 Tips for Better Holidays in Nepal with Tour, Trekking and Wildlife Safari in 2019-2020

You are right. Traveling in Nepal for tour, trekking or wildlife safari will be dramatic and basically an exploration of the Himalayas, hilly region and the scenic destinations are beyond your imagination. They are easy/gentle to the adventure in the form. Before booking your holiday trips in Nepal, here are some tips given to you.


1. Go to Trek and Tour in Nepal with the Local Company

Why local company? Because if you book the tours, trekking and any other tourist activities with the local company, they will get the work and also the benefit. It uplifts the national economy. You are booking with a local holiday operator, you are directly contributing national economy. On the other hand, local companies use local resources, materials and manpower. It is good for the country. They are skillful with the local activities and show you around the typical local destinations.


You will never know this type of places without booking trips in Nepal with a local operator. Email us at: [email protected]


On the way to the Camino Trail in Nepal. Don't know about it? Contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays


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2. Packing stuffs for the trips in Nepal

While packing the stuffs, consult your holiday trip operator in Nepal. If you are planning a month trip to Nepal, you might pack hugely and that may not necessary. And even if needed, you can buy easily in Kathmandu or hire them. 80% of travelers later realize that they should not have done huge packings. Know what to bring for the trip at the time of booking.

Example: Required equipments for the adventure trekking in Nepal like Everest Base Camp

General, head, body and Leg

Down sleeping bag

Duffel or Rucksack bag

Rain and windproof cheater and trousers.

Trekking boots, light shoes and sandal.

Thin and thick socks.

Trekking Gaiters

Cap and ears covering hat.

Down Jacket

Hand gloves

Flish liner


Light and weight thermal tops.

Light jacket.

Wind and rain jacket.

Long and short hiking pants.

Rain and windproof trousers.

Walking poles

Water bottle with purification tablets

Lip guard

Sun block cream

Head torch

Glacier glasses

Toiletry kits: hand wipes, and liquid hand sanitizer, towel, soap, etc.


Medicines and First Aid Kits

The Nepal Kameleon Holidays' guide will carry the first aid kit, but medicines for your personal use that need a special recommendation of a doctor should be carried by yourselves.

Headache and fever medicine.

Ibuprofen for general aches and pains.

Burnt cream.

Immodium or Peptobismol capsules for upset stomach and diarrhea.

Diamox (commonly prescribed as Acetazolamide). Please discuss with us before starting to take this medicine.


Blister treatments such as mole skin, hand plastsband-aids, some waterproof tape, anti-infection ointments, etc.



Passport and extra passport photos.

Durable wallet / pouch for travel documents, money and passport.

Pocket knife.

Chocolates and energy bars



Want to know more? Contact Nepal Holiday Expert on WhatsApp: +977-98511569455 for any travel information


3. Know the Cultural Difference and Respect the Local One

As a traveler, it's your duty to respect the local culture, traditions, values and customs. Of course, the local culture will be different than of your place. You are there for a short time, so you do not lose a lot. Respect the local values and enjoy a lot communicating with the local people on the subject you are interested. Nepali people are ready to share their opinions and ideas with you.



4. Arrange 3-4 Days More and Experience Meet Local People Tour with Storytelling

Meet Local People Tour is a unique and amazing trip in Nepal to let you experience the root level of Nepali countryside lifestyle. It is operated by the only one company in Nepal- Nepal Kameleon Holidays and has been organizing for several years. Storytelling is the real way of reaching to the base of Nepal, its culture, traditions and myths. You can also visit different schools and exchange the stories with the children.



5. Short Trips and Day Tours: Do not Miss Day Hiking Through Amazona in Kathmandu

You may not believe, but Hiking through Amazona in Kathmandu is the world class day hiking route. If you manage a day when you are in Kathmandu, that will be sufficient. The 4 hours hiking through the dense woods and without meeting other people, you will reach the top. Then you can come back with the cable car. Beside this, there are several day hiking trips around the Kathmandu valley, sightseeing day tour, cycling and walking tours. Rafting day tour, bungy day tour and other adventure activities are also available. Paragliding day tour in Pokhara is excellent.



So, what next? Do not hesitate to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays for the uniquely and amazingly organized holiday trips in Nepal.

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