5 Tips Before Booking Tours and Trekking Packages in Nepal in 2020

Visit Nepal 2020 is almost at your door, saying, hello, let's plan about Nepal. Book travel packages from your laptop or android/ipad/iphone. Of course, 2020 in Nepal is being celebrated a Visit Nepal Year that promotes the tourism market. Nepal Kameleon Holidays suggest 5 tips before booking tours and trekking packages in Nepal.


Select Locally Owned Tour and Trekking Agency

When you select locally owned travel and trekking agency, the locals will be benefited from the trip packages you book. This helps them to rise from the unemployment situation. Please, do not book from the travel portals. If you are booking through it, you are making people from outside of Nepal richer and the economy of Nepal will not progress.


Amazing view of the Kathmandu valley



Gosaikunda Lake in Langtang National Park


Do Not Look Only the Package Price

It is fine to compare the price that is displayed in the webpage of the travel companies in Nepal. Surely, you prefer the cheapest one and hurry to book the given package. But, do you know sometimes this will be a wrong decision. You need to look at the includes and excludes section. So many travel companies include less things and cut the package price. It is better to give time on looking upon the includes and excludes section. For example: Everest Base Camp Trekking is not possible to organize below 1120 USD, which is a very basic cost, but you will also see 999 USD in websites. You should know, this is cutting down the services and giving you lower price. Sometimes, they focus on rescue by giving cheaper packages. You need to be aware of it. 


Namche Bazaar, on the way to Everest Base Camp


Follow the Uniqueness

Some travel companies include amazing side trips that are combined in the same packages and in the same price. It increases the quality in the tours and trekking. Storytelling, volunteering, Meet the local people and exchange the stories, cultural connections and many more things. Sometimes, they are much more amazing than just touring or trekking. Please, note that, extra price will not be added for such trips.





Volunteering in the countryside school


Check the CSR

Your travel is for the entertainment you look for. For this, you will pay. But, do you know, some locally owned travel and trekking agencies do a lot of social activities. They support for education, clean water and sanitation and other sectors. It is better to book the tours and trekking packages in Nepal that support the society in one way or another.





Do Not Read Only the Reviews

Last year, a family group booked the hotel in Chitwan by reading trip adviser reviews. They thought that's exactly what they are looking for. When they went there, they found totally different and they felt pissed off. So, please do not depend totally on the reviews on trip adviser or other means. It is believed that one can buy the reviews.


Balthali Village in Nepal


Image of Kal Bhairav in Kathmandu Durbar Square


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