5 Best Hill Ridges for the Day Hike in the Kathmandu Valley

Chandragiri Day Hike

Chandragiri Hiking is an excellent full day trip on the valley ridge of Kathmandu. Walking through the shadow, you will hide and seek with the golden sunrays. It is a unique trail in the sense that while walking you can also enjoy the Kathmandu valley view along the Himalayas on its horizon. Chandragiri hiking trail is pretty much tough, but if you are looking for the isolated trail and magnificent views, it is no more than in the Chandragiri hiking.


chandragiri day hikeView from Chandragiri Top



Hiking to the hill ridge of the Kathmandu valley offers remarkable day trip excursion through the lush forest. Shivapuri Hiking Day Trip is one of them. It begins from Budanilakantha and walking through the gentle trail, you make a circuit of the Shivapuri hill. Nagi Gompa is one of the fantastic destinations, where the hikers mostly visit and the short hikers retrace from here. The trail above the monastery is prevailed by the stone steps.


Ready to hike

Half Day: Upto Nagi Gumba

Full Day: Shivapuri Circuit



1 Day Nagarjun Hike is an enchanting excursion that takes about 5 hours to climb up and down. The route lies in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, which is prevailed by the stone steps. The hike is also known as the hike to Jamacho Gumba. The game of hide and seek with the sunrays continues because the tree line covers the steps. Nagarjun hill is also a home of the former King. Climb up takes around 3.5 hours and once you reach to the hill, expertly led by Nepal Kameleon Holidays, the scenarios that you can explore are brilliant. The Everest, Gaurisanker and Langtang Himalayan range, lush hills, picturesque Kathmandu valley and all the surroundings look spectacular from view tower.


Kathmandu Valley (Outskirt) View



The popular tourist hill of Nagarkot is a fabulous viewpoint of the Everest, Langtang and Gaurishanker region Peaks. If you can manage an extra day, you can enjoy the brilliant sunrise view over the Himalayas. 1 day Nagarkot Hike ends at the hill and drive back to Kathmandu. Nepal Kameleon Holidays as a leading hiking operator in Nepal organizes Nagarkot day hike with the transportation service. Escaping from the huddle, enjoy your iconic day hike trip to Nagarkot. 






Phulchowki is another beautiful hill ridge in the Kathmandu valley. It is more dense and wild. The hike begins from Godawori, which is a botanical garden. In total, you will spend about 7 hours back and forth hiking.


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