2017 Local Election in Nepal

It is almost two decades that the local level of Nepal government has gone without elected representatives. In May, there is going to be the election, which is the major thirst for the Nepali people and are excited to get new local governmental institution, which will be a hallmark in Nepal. The democratic transition to further strengthen the nation.

2017 election in Nepal has been watched with a great curiosity as the country has gone with various ups and down during this two decade time frame. In 2006, Maoist insurgency concluded in Nepal with the full stop of monarchy that ruled 240 years. The insurgency had brought the political and economic instability. The election of members of parliament held twice and this is the first time for the local election. A new constitution has been launched by the constitution assembly, which has been widely accepted in Nepal, despite some voices against it. The Madhesi people are still claiming to be marginalized in the new constitution.

Nepali societies have gone to be colored by the election news with full of enthusiasm. Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal, Prachanda has said that he has taken a  historic decision and will commit to do election on time at any cost. The home minister Bimalendra Nidhi has commanded all the security and intelligence bereau to be dedicated for election. There is a news that the election may hold in two sections, one in the Himalayan and mid-hill belt and the next on the disputed Madhesi part. Madhesi leaders are not being ready to go on election.

This election makes a great meaning in Nepal as it is an election of federal village municipality. It makes a direct connection to the very local level of the communities and it is like a central government if we compare the recent context. The elected president of a village municipality holds the power similar to the minister. Municipalities, sub-municipalities are getting Mayer. The development once enters to the door of the people.

Elections are very much essential for the development of any nation, so does in Nepal. If we look for the political and economic stability, election in local and national levels are necessary. Wait for the 14th of May 2017 for the local election in Nepal. 

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