17 Trips for 2017 Nepal Holidays

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest View from the Everest Base Camp Trail


Pack your things and tie your lace for the epic journey to the Everest base camp. It is the most popular trek in Nepal and has been included in world's 10 most visiting destinations. It is an adventurous trip. However, you can take an EBC helicopter tour, which is just a day trip. If you want to make your wedding a lifetime memory, why not a wedding trip to Everest base camp? Just make sure, you want to go. It is a forever trip in Nepal.   

2. Umbrella Adventure Holiday

This is a perfect combination of the adventure activities. They are short and requires your brave hearts. Umbrella adventure tour combines bungy, rock climbing, Paragliding and many more. If your mission is an adventure, think about the Umbrella adventure holiday in Nepal. You can get unique experiences of flying in the air, walking on the earth and get the water fun. What can be a perfect blend of all three entities- air, land and water than this trip? Just think, from Kathmandu, you take a Mt. Everest flight and explore the top of the world from a closer distance.

3. Annapurna Khayer Lake Trek

If you think other trekking trails are already explored and you want to go to isolated part, but want to get superb attractions, Annapurna Khayer Lake Trek is the best option for you. You walk all the way through the dense woods of oak and rhododendron and reach to the Khayer Lake of Annapurna. It is one of the best place for meditation on the peaceful lap of nature, beside the Lake.

4. Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

Mardi Himal base camp trek is a journey to the place where you forget your physical existence once you reach there. It's an opportunity to connect your soul with the mountains. Not much trafficked trail, you can have a sweet melodious excursion and explore the grandeur creations of the nature. Do not forget to charge up your camera. 

5. Kalinchok Photography Tour

Kalinchok Bhagwati in Dolakha


Kalinchok Bhagwati is a little piece of paradise. It is an outstanding destination for the photography tour and hike. The Bhagwati temple at the hill ridge, where you can hike for 1 hour, is a brilliant view point of the Rolwaling Himalayan range. If you look at the down hill, the greeneries of the hillside and eye-catching panoramas keep you busy on clicking your camera. Do not forget to bring fully-charged camera.

6. Everest Base Camp Heli Tour and Trek

Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp


If you are thinking that Everest base camp trek is longer trip for you, why not trying Everest base camp hli tour? It is short and incredible. The adventure form of trekking and a scenic tour can be experienced with this trip. Also, if you want to make your wedding highly exciting, take a heli wedding tour to Everest base camp. The fun is unlimited. 

7. Wedding in Chandragiri

Well. All the people in this world want to make their wedding a lifetime memory. They think of doing something new to make their wedding day lively and distinct from others. Are you also planning the same? The Changragiri wedding tour offers you this superb moment. You make promises with the witness of the gods and goddess of the Himalayas and live the rest of the life happily. Start your conjugal life differently. 

8. Ethnic and Indigenous Village Research Tours

If you are doing research in ethnic and indigenous communities in Nepal or their habits and beliefs, the area is broad. Just find out the specific topic and book your research trips in various ethnic and indigenous villages in Nepal. This is completely a new form of trip that helps you to attain your goal of life with your significant research findings.

9. Explore Barpak

Barpak village is a largely populated village by the Gurung, Ghale and other groups. It is located at the northwest of the Kathmandu valley. The village is a cultural centre that preserves Gurung and Ghale’s folk culture and traditions. In 2015, the massive earthquake destroyed the village badly as the village became an epicentre point. Many people lost their lives. But the culture could not fade away. So, it is a wonderful village to explore the ethnic culture and hospitality. Go to Barpak and enjoy the home stay tour.

10. Orbang Chepang Village Tour

A traditional chepang house in Orbang village of Dhading


Orbang village lies above Salangghat, which is about 75 km drive west of Kathmandu. It is dominated by the Chepang communities. Chepang is one of the rarely found indigenous groups, who still follow the nomadic life and engage in animal husbandry profession. During the Orbang Chepang village tour, you can experience the lifestyles they follow and some traditional beliefs.

11. Nepal Charity Holidays

If you are thinking to do some charity during your travel to Nepal, come on…just join Nepal Charity Holidays. From the treks or tours you do, Nepal Kameleon Holidays offer charity holidays trips. Even if you are enjoying your trips, you are indirectly promoting charity works as we manage certain percent of profits for the betterment of the locality.

12. Storyteller Tour

Kids are always curious to know new things and talk with people from different culture. They may gather around you or surround you. Please, do not feel dizzy or irritated, instead tell them stories or play with them as much as possible. Also give your ears to their stories. This is a brilliant process of enjoying your holidays in Nepal with kids. It can take place wherever you go in Nepal. 

13. Walk above the mountains in Langtang

Langtang is just brilliant region. Specially, the alpine region is far more brilliant than you imagine. Walking from the Langtang valley, you reach to Kyanjin Gompa and the real isolated journey begins that leads you about 5000 meters altitude. Tserko Ri is one of the places, where you can feel that you are looking at the mountains down of your eye level. How can one describe this awesome walking trip in Langtang. The surrounding is just lovely and the aerial views are breathtaking. Go to Langtang valley and Tserko RI for the amazing experience.

14. Tiger watching in Bardiya

The Royal Bengal Tiger in Bardiya


The Bardiya National Park was established in 1988 that covers 968 km2. It is the biggest national park in Nepal that lies in the lowland part of Nepal. This is a perfect destination for the jungle safari tour in Nepal with the varieties of wild animals, flora, birds and reptiles. It is dominated by the grasslands and deciduous forests. It was once the hunting reserve site of the Royal family, but it is a protected area now. Go for the Bardiya wildlife safari tour to explore the diverse wildlife.    

15. Hike to Bagdwar, the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Greeneries and the Kathmandu Valley


Bagdwar is the source of the holy Bagmati River. The River flows beside the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. Bagdwar is situated in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, which is about 4.5 hours walk from Budanilakantha of Kathmandu. It is a form of pilgrimage hiking in Shivapuri. The hike takes you away from the hustle and bustles of the city and takes you to the isolated part and takes you back to Kathmandu at the single day trip.

16. Namobuddha Mountain Biking Tour

Mountain Biking


Namobuddha monastery is located on the hill ridge of the lovely town of Dhulikhel. Mountain Biking to Namobuddha is a fabulous day trip. On the one hand, you can have a wonderful mountain biking experience and on the other, the Himalayan views, monastery and religious traditions inside the Gumba are precious. Take a day break from the city and go out for the mountain biking tour to Namobuddha.

17. Nagarkot and Bandipur Honeymoon Tour

The pleasing nature and its charismatic appeal prospect the reason why you should select Nepal for your honeymoon tour. Avoiding the randomly planned itinerary, Nagarkot Bandipur Honeymoon Tour can leave you an impressive memory of the love you offer and get with your loved ones. Both destinations are awesome to explore the white Himalayas and green hill surroundings. Feel awe-inspiring with this trip.




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