10 Most Popular Typical Dishes (Cuisine) in Nepal

Welcome to the typical Nepali menu. If you are new for the Nepali dishes then you better prepare to swallow the water that comes in your mouth after knowing the dishes from Nepal. Dal Bhat (rice, lentil and curry) is the most famous dish in Nepal for the Nepalese. They eat it twice a day, in lunch and dinner. So, let's have a look some of the popular eatery (dishes) in Nepal.


1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat (rice and lentil) is a national cuisine in Nepal, which is cooked twice a day at lunch and dinner in every house. Along with Dal and Bhat and curry are served, that are almost mandatory item during the meal. It is a source of energy and is eaten without missing hat has become a part of Nepali life. 



There is a saying, 'Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour'. It came as a poetic line suitable for music, but in fact, eating rice is so much durable. Also, it is a very popular term for the tourists. When they come to Nepal, they like to get the taste of typical Nepali cuisine and, no doubt, they will be served Dal Bhat. Sometimes, trekkers also call tea house trek as Dal Bhat trek as they love the delicious meals. Dal Bhat is served with curry, pickle, spinach, salad, yoghurt and so on. If you love to eat meat, chicken or mutton will be served. Nepalese people eat with their right hand, and in some cases, they also eat by left hand.     


2. Dheedo

Dheedo is another popular form of meal like Dal Bhat in Nepal. It is basically eaten in the countryside, where they grow maize. In the past, those people who used to eat Dheedo, would be regarded as poor people. But, now, the time has changed. Those who eat dheedo is taken as a matter of prestige. Dheedo is made from maize or wheat flour. It is served with spinich, vegetable curry and meat (mutton or chicken). People who are suffering from the diabates prefer to eat dheedo, as it is a sugar free meal.


3. Momo

This will not let your mouth without water filled. It is a Tibetan dish, but now a days, momo has become a dish without which people do not feel that they are satisfied. During the workplace lunch, they prefer momo even after looking menu for half an hour. The dumpling made from flour is filled with vegetable or chicken, mutton or buff according to your choice. Momo is available in various forms: steamed, fried and cothey. It is served with spicy soup/pickles.


4. Sel roti

Sel Roti is cooked from flour of rice in oil. It is mostly cooked in the festivals in villages and remote areas, whereas it is cooked every day in the cities as a lunch or even at breakfast. It is sweet and looks like doughnut.


5. Chatamari

Chatamari is a Newari dish, which is equally popular as Nepali version Pizza. It is cooked in a round shape with various ingredients as chopped onions, fresh coriander, egg, meat and other spices. It is a popular lunch dish in the Newari communities and also others.


6. Yomari

Yomari is a combination of rice flour, molasses and sesame seeds, Yomari is a wholesome, delicious and nutritious dessert for snacks. Yomari literally means the sweet bread. It is cooked and distributed to all the villagers.  It is basically prepared in Yomari Punhi, which usually lies in the month of December. Yomari Punhi is one of the festivals of Newari people, which is celebrated to thank God Annapurna (Lord of Grains) for the wonderful harvesting in autumn. The trend was brought from Panauti, a town in the eastern part of Kathmandu from the historical time.



7. Bara

Bara is another wow cuisine of Newari people. Due to its popularity, it has become a national dish. It is a kind of thick savoury rice-flour pancake. Bara can be made according to your interest, veg, egg or buff.


8. Aloo Tama

Bamboo shoots and potato- It is also a Newari dish. It comes with another combined item. People also add meat items to make it a different taste.


9. Makai Bhatamas

Makai (corn) and Bhatamas (soyabean) is also a national lunch in Nepal. They are eaten by mixing. First they put in a pot, given heat, scramble and take out when it is ready to eat.


10. Chiura (beaten rice)


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